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Start a Tutoring Business

Tutoring Business Startup Packages:
Start a Tutoring Business, Online Tutoring Website or other Tutoring Service with The Wealthy Tutor. You don’t need to buy an expensive tutoring franchise to get started the right way!

The Wealthy Tutor provides you with everything you need to start a tutoring business including manuals, forms and templates, assessment tests, training videos, tutor management system and much more!

There are basically three ways to start a tutoring business, online tutoring website or other tutoring service – the expensive way, the cheap way, and the right way.

First there is the expensive way, which is to purchase a tutoring franchise for $25,000 - $75,000 or more. This will provide you with much of the information you need, however there are often ongoing fees and restrictions on how and where you may operate.

Next, there is the cheap way, which is to start a tutoring business from ‘scratch’ and develop everything yourself. This will require a lot of time and research and you will make mistakes along the way, some of them costly, so in the end this method may not be as cheap as you expected!

And finally, there is the right way. You can purchase a Wealthy Tutor System for only a fraction of the cost of a tutoring franchise, and you will still get many of the same components, but without the expense and restrictions of a franchise.


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